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Semi-abstract and contemporary with a wee nod to traditional roots, sense of place, and local folklore.

Hello, my name is Mhairi Longmuir, and Nooc is my work as an artist. I am from the dramatic west coast of Scotland and now live in the Cairngorms National Park. I was born from a family of seafood restaurateurs, oil-riggers, boat builders, clam divers and fish-gutters. After a 5 years studying in Glasgow and 3 years travelling round the world, I returned to the Highlands, the area I grew up in and love. Up until now, I’m mostly known for my commercial multimedia and branding business (which includes graphic design, website design, motion design and instructional design), I also worked at the University of the Highlands and Islands for 9.5 years.

Inspired by slightly mystical vibes in lichen-encased forests, old Scots Pine tree islands, dense gnarly branches, mysterious undergrowth, and conversely bright and energetic blooms and effervescent textures. Sometimes playful, sometimes moody, always with an element of chaos and energy. THE SEA. Ebb and flow. The otherworldly micro and macro of rock pools. Moody lochs. And swimming in hidden sparkly plunge pools.

I use a wide range of design tools, from scanned mixed media materials (anything that will make marks drawing and painting) to screen, lino, and mono printing, and also digital design – everything is just a tool, right? I have been test driving a wide range of printed products, in a quest against boring textile patterns and paintings of Highland cows (though nothing personal against those).

Nooc aims to construct products in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, with the help of local needleworkers and social enterprises. I hope to encourage people to nurture connections with our wild spaces and ancient culture, with a wee sprinkle of daft imagination. 

Products created to provide a momentary corner (or Nooc) to escape from the ordinary. 

I look forward to releasing lots of new artwork soon, and you can sign up to my newsletter if you are interested to hear and see more. 

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